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Saturday, 12.04.2014

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How To Avoid Crossing The Margin While Hosting A Grand Wedding Ceremony

An Indian Wedding is an elaborate affair spread over a number of days with different rituals and ceremonies to be performed and enjoyed. As wedding is the most important occasion that happens only once in a person’s life, each person wants to host and celebrate the grand occasion with the best possible fanfare. In the age when every commodity and service has sky rocketing prices, it is difficult to host a grand ceremony in a fixed budget.

The struggle to remain in your budget, yet host a big wedding ceremony with all the pomp and show can give even a well organized planner sleepless nights and anxiety ridden days. So despite all pre-planning and organizing, the wedding budget is notorious for going out of proportions and emptying all your pockets. While an out of proportion wedding budget has become more than a norm, you can still become your own wedding planner and avoid over spending while hosting a grand ceremony at the same time.

Now you must be wondering, how can you achieve this impossible task and that too without the services of a professional wedding planner. Actually the main culprit behind an overshot wedding budget is the ‘hidden cost’ in each and everything. So while you make every effort to remain in your budget and plan and select services accordingly, once the bills start pouring in, all your effort seems to be in vain and you feel helpless paying out for all those unknown extra costs.

Is there any way you can avoid the budget playing spoilsport and make you enjoy your wedding ceremony with all your guests and relatives? The simple answer to this is to become aware of all the hidden costs involved and then accordingly plan the function while remaining in your limits. Following are the tips that will help you identify the hidden costs involved in different areas of the wedding function:

Extra Costs Involved In Venue:

Once you decide and select the venue, watch out for ‘extra services and amenities’ provided under the rental fee. Ask for all these extra services and amenities much well in advance. Check for their exact cost and get it in clearly mentioned in the total rental fee along with their proper definition. Also this clarification will also help you ascertain whether you actually need these services or these are just an added burden.

Avoid Over Spending In Décor:

The best way to handle décor in an economical and convenient way is to let the Venue managers manage and organize all the decorations for the grand occasion. The hidden cost here can be in the form of remodeling required in the venue for your wedding ceremony decorations.

Check out if there was any wedding before yours performed in the same venue, if yes, then there can be extra cost involved to revamp and remodel the venue. Other things to be taken care of could be use of expensive and rare flowers, excess lighting, unnecessary expensive seat covers etc.

Hidden Costs In Music And Entertainment:

This is one key area which accounts for most of the hidden costs. While live music and singing definitely costs more than recorded versions, watch out for particular equipments, number of singers, timeline and whether the cost of band includes the cost for equipment, singers, etc. or not.

Also while you may get lost in the magic of the day with friends and relatives, don’t forget to note down the playing time for music and entertainment as may get charged extra at the end of the day.

Calculate The Invisible Expenses In Invitations:

Don’t forget invitation cost is not limited to the cost of your invitation cards and sweet boxes, it includes the cost of distribution as well. And at a time when petrol prices are soaring high, you cannot ignore the distribution cost.

Wedding Shopping And Clothes:

This is another area where you tend to forget the petrol cost as you do rounds of various individual shops looking out for those perfect wedding outfits for yourself and family. Then there is a tendency to only calculate the cost of the dress material and totally ignore the stitching cost. Allocate a separate budget for all these different aspects of wedding clothes.

A great way to avoid extra expenditure would be shop online for wedding clothes. There are beautiful designer wedding dresses available at highly reasonable costs in various online shopping stores. Check out the following store for wonderful wedding garments for both men and women:

Food And Catering:

This is another major area full of hidden expenditures. So before you decide your menu and sign up for the catering services, check on the following issues to avoid paying extra; does the venue allow for outside catering or does it have more cost efficient catering of its own? Are there any extra charges for setting provision of alcohol and bar service and whether bartenders and waiters are part of single package or need to be hired separately?

Unexpected Costs In Recording Memories:

While you hire the services of a photographer and videographer with great pleasure and happiness to record the memories of the most celebrated day of your life, it can turn into a sour experience if the album or DVD fails to turn out as per your expectations whether in quality or price. So you must be extremely careful and clear while you book your photographer or videographer.

It is always advisable to hire the same person for your printed photo album and DVD. Be very specific as to what you want in the video and its duration. When it comes to the wedding album, choose the size of the photographs and your album too beforehand. This way you can avoid all that unnecessary and unknown expenditure.


Wedding Budgets

Indian weddings are known for their splendor and elaborate arrangements. A wedding being an expensive affair needs a careful, well though-out budget. A budget plan is essential in order to plan a successful wedding. Since money matters the most, having a rough estimate of the expenses (and sticking to it) helps a lot in accommodating the unavoidable unexpected expenses at the last moment.

Also one should split the budget for different expenses in a prioritized manner. This helps in knowing how much one needs to spend for what.

The other ways to control expenses during a wedding are by having a limited guest list, asking artistic friends to double up as mehendi artists and photographers, not including too many exotic food items in the menu among others.You can always go beyond your budget,but keeping the expenses within the budghet is a special art to be lets plan ur budget frsit before making some wdding arrangements,that will make ur wedding experiences more beautiful.

Guide To Craft And Design Your Wedding Invitation

2012/02/14 06:17 | Anshulika | Wedding Invitations

Wedding is the most important and most auspicious occasion in a person’s life, which he/she wants to celebrate in the most memorable and special manner. Since wedding is a big occasion, it requires meticulous planning and careful arrangements. For a flawless wedding ceremony, you need to plan everything like wedding invitations, venue booking, decorations, catering, priest, food, menu, travel, stay etc. much well in advance.
Once the wedding date has been fixed and decided, comes the need for planning and distributing wedding invitations. Since wedding invitation is the first thing your guests see and notice about your wedding, it plays a crucial role in making your wedding ceremony a cherished and remembered affair. Thus it is the wedding invitation which sets the tone for your wedding ceremony.
Use Proper Wording:
Since wedding invitation has a big impact on your wedding ceremony, proper wording should be used in the wedding invitation card. As the main intent of a wedding invitation is to inform the guests about the new found happiness in your life and invite them to participate in your joy, it should contain all the required information such as the names, venue, time, place etc. in proper order and correct spelling.
Make It Unique:
While all wedding invitations carry the necessary information with the conventional wording, you can make it unique and special with creative designs and innovative wording so that everyone looks forward to your wedding ceremony with great anticipation and delight. You can either


hire the services of a professional to design and craft your wedding invitation along with the sweet or gift box or you can check out yourself on the internet for different designs and ideas to make your wedding invitation unique and special.
Stick To Simplicity and Elegance:
Now days there are various stores and printers that sell readymade wedding invitations. You only need to give them the necessary information and they fit the same into the readymade invitation card. These wedding invitations mostly use Japanese designs to look simple and elegant. However, a good wedding invitation does not mean it has to be expensive with extravagant material and expensive sweets item, it can be simply chocolates with some creative packaging and nice wording to make the whole invitation attractive and appealing.
Reflect Your Wedding Theme:
Another great idea is to select your wedding invitation as per the theme of your wedding ceremony. It is a great way to set the tone as well as avoid raising any unusual and unexpected expectations. For example, if you are going to host a formal wedding ceremony, use formal language and design and if you are going to have a simple wedding affair, restrict to simple invitation. Never use flowery wording and whimsical designs unless you are going to host a fancy wedding ceremony.
Now when all is said and done, make sure that you remain in your budget and plan and approve the invitation card well in advance to correct any mistakes and leave plenty of time for distribution. So before you make the big purchase, approve the design on paper. Invitations printed in thermography, on premium quality paper, will make a wonderful impression on those who receive them. Choose a motif, monogram, ink color, type-style and every last detail. Make sure that you choose an invitation that fits you and keep one with you to cherish all your life.
Check out the following links for wording and design:

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