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Friday, 18.04.2014

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Top Wedding Trends to Follow in 2013

2013/01/31 11:47 | Anshulika | Uncategorized

The traditional Punjabi wedding with all the detailed rituals, ceremonies and costumes is the latest trend in both wedding planning and wedding fashion. After all, no other wedding ceremony can replace the glamour, aura and luxury of a big fat Punjabi wedding.

No surprise, most of the high profile and celeb weddings of 2012 took glamour and magnificence to a new level with classic Punjabi touch and extravagant traditional bridal and groom wear. Ever gorgeous Kareena Kapoor stunned both fans and fashionistas with her elegant and classy designer wear on different rituals and occasions of her wedding ceremony with Nawab Saif Ali Khan Pataudi.

The new begum looked extremely classy and sassy in Manish Malhotra saree in traditional red color. The sleeveless short blouse added oomph to the traditional ensemble. However, the sexy bride changed to an ‘ancestral gharara’ for the wedding vows.

Now with another bollywood actress Udita Goswami tying the knot with filmmaker, Mohit Suri, all dressed up in traditional crimson and heavy jewellery in the beginning of 2013 along with elaborate Punjabi wedding rituals and ceremonies, shows the traditional wedding trend is going to stay.

For the Bride:

• So for all those with wedding bells ringing in 2013, following are a few tips and trends to follow:

• Stick to the basic red or crimson for your bridal wear on the final wedding day

• Go for Anarkali type ensembles that incorporate both salwar kameez and lehenga for a chic appeal.

• Lace is all back in fashion with a force. Brides to be can plan their wedding ensembles by adding lace to their blouses, hemlines, necks and bodice.

• While traditional is in, sleek and elegant jewellery with gemstones and diamonds still rules the roost in place of heavy chunky gold jewellery.

For the Groom:

• Beige can never go wrong when it comes to wedding sherwani for a graceful groom, plus beige sherwani presents a highly attractive eye-catching contrast with traditional red bridal silhouette.

• While, ‘sehra’ around the forehead is not mandatory but optional, it looks extremely sassy as Punjabi wedding trends are in vogue and ‘sehra’ is a classic Punjabi wedding symbol for the groom.

• A contrast stole in maroon, red or crimson hung around the neck and shoulders can add glamour and opulence to the overall look.

• Churidar pairs best with a traditional kurta or a sherwani in place of trendy trousers, Afghani pants or pyjamas.

• For footwear, nothing can beat the chic appeal of Punjabi jootis or pointed studded shoes.

For Wedding Ceremony:

Follow complete Punjabi rituals and ceremonies such as haldi ceremony, sangeet ceremony, ribbon cutting, ring ceremony etc. in detain for added fun, glamour, opulence and romance. Happy Wedding!


Ten Things to Consider before Buying Bridal Lengha Online

2013/01/10 10:39 | Anshulika | Uncategorized

Spirits are up and excitement is extreme, you are finally going to get united with your prince charming. Wedding night is the most awaited and important occasion in any girl’s life. Every girl is consumed with the desire to stun the entire gathering with her exotic looks.

But imagine the bridal lengha you loved and ordered online from some online shopping store has turned out to be two sizes under your actual size. You discovered the mishap just


a day before the d-day and now there is no way you can do anything about it other than to squeeze and suffocate yourself in the same attire on the most auspicious and significant moment of your life.

No matter how nightmarish it sounds but it can turn into a reality if you do not pay attention to a few things before buying expensive outfits online for some special occasions. And when the occasion is your own wedding it becomes all the more important to pick your wedding dress after much thought and consideration.

Following are a few tips that can help you make the best of online shopping for your bridal attire:

1. Always buy from some known and trusted site. If you are a regular online shopper, buy your bridal lengha from the same site that you buy other clothes from.

2. However, if you are a novice, one of the trusted and known name for seller of latest design ethnic wear and wedding fashion is

3. At gravity-fashion you won’t just find great quality and trendy stuff but also find products at a very reasonable price. Otherwise, keep your security software updated, and consider using additional security measures to protect yourself, like browser filters.

4. Go through their shipping, delivery, return and exchange policy to be on a safer side. It is always better to know the amount you’ll be paying and whether you can return or exchange the product before purchasing.

5. Be very scruplous to read about their payment policy and mode of payment.If you have a specific payment method in mind, check the terms and conditions page of the site for more information about what’s accepted and what isn’t.

6. Next carefully read their size chart for the garments and take measurements exactly as per the instructions. It is advisable to take some relative’s or friend’s help for the same.

7. Confirm the color of the lengha shown in the display picture with the customer support to be sure of the color and shade of your lengha.

8. To avoid any shock regarding quality of the product at the time of the delivery, it is advisable to read all the information regarding the kind of fabric used and work done. You can reconfirm the same with the customer support.
9. Place your order well in advance to leave any time for exchange, return or alteration of the lengha just in case need be.

10. Today, bridal lenghas come in a variety of designs and styles such as fish tail, straight fit, A-cut, flared and traditional umbrella shaped. Carefully, pick the design that best complements your body type and personality.


Three Big Indian Wedding Ceremonies Inspired from the West

2012/12/27 10:08 | Anshulika | Uncategorized

The big fat Indian wedding has got even bigger with the influence of the western culture and traditions on our own elaborated rituals, customs, and ceremonies. With every young girl or boy with wedding bells ringing on the cards wanting to add a hint of the West to the entire ceremony, weddings in India are anything but simple.

Among the brightness of rich colors, opulent jewellery, elaborate rituals, well laid out mandaps, beautiful mehendi designs, cheerful sangeet, exhaustive vows, holy fire, and a long guest list, there are now a series of rituals, traditions, and celebrations that were not a part of the traditional wedding ceremony but have now become an integral part of the whole ceremony. Such is the influence of the West on our culture and traditions, including wedding ceremonies.

Following is a list of rituals of the Indian wedding ceremony influenced and derived from the west:

Ring ceremony:

The exchange of rings on engagement and wedding ceremony had never been a part of the old Indian wedding but only a later addition after the influence of the British culture on Indian weddings during British rule. Ring ceremony and exchange of wedding rings is today an inseperable part of the Indian wedding ceremony.

Cake-cutting ceremony:

Both the reception ceremony and cake cutting ceremony are a new addition to the traditional Indian wedding ceremony, again inspired from European culture during colonial rule. No Indian wedding is complete without an elaborate reception and cake cutting ceremony by the newly wedded couple.

Bachelor’s party:

Bachelor’s party though a new comer in the list of elaborate Indian wedding rituals and ceremonies, is fast gaining popularity as more and more young guys are giving in to revelry and celebration of the last night of freedom before entering the wedlock. This new addition to the grand Indian wedding is a gift of media, mainly Hollywood and Bollywood movies.


Top Five Tips to Pick the Right Sagai Outfit

2012/12/13 11:04 | Anshulika | Uncategorized

Marriage is once in a lifetime occasion, so why not put every possible effort to make it special and memorable for one and all. While, there is plenty of information, ideas and tips on how to look your best on your wedding day, ‘Sagai ceremony’ one of the most important wedding ritual is generally ignored and overlooked.

Since, Sagai ceremony comes before wedding, it is the best time to create flawless first impression. Picking the right sagai outfit is


therefore as important as picking the right wedding dress. Unlike the bridal wedding dress, the sagai outfit for the bride is not confined by any convention or tradition. You can thus make the best possible use of this opportunity and pick up an outfit that looks best on you.

Following are some tips on picking the right outfit:

Think Beyond Typical Saree and Lehenga:

Although, no outfit can beat the grace and aura of a wedding saree and bridal lehenga as wedding dresses, you can think beyond these traditional garments for your wedding ceremony. If western dresses look good on you, it is the best time to go for that envious wedding gown and lend a sophisticated touch to your overall personality.

Pick an Outfit that Makes You Look Girlish:

Since, you are not wedded yet and still a girl, you opt for an attire that makes you look girlish and stylish for the engagement ceremony. After all a boy gets engaged to a girl not a woman! So, if you have slightly mature looks, you can beat those looks with a girlish charm by wearing a smartly designed and well stitched anarkali salwar kameez. You can also check out some latest design anarkali dresses online at and

Go for a Color that Complements and Enhance Your Complexion:

Since, you are not bound with monochromatic crimson or maroon, you can wear any color of your choice on this special day of your life. While, the latest colors of this season are purple, green, and yellow, it is best to go with a color that enhances and complements your natural complexion.

Pastels are great for an occasion like this and look almost stunning on all complexions. However, if you happen to be too fair, it is better to go for darker shades as pastels can make you look washed out in photos. The two best colors for sagai ceremony that look good on every girl and never go out of fashion are blue and pink.

Avoid Heavy Embroidery:

Whatever outfit you choose for your sagai ceremony, it is advised that you keep the heavy work for the wedding day. Avoid fabrics and outfits with extremely heavy work. Rather go in for sophisticated work or embroidery for a sleek and girlish look meant for this occasion.

Choose the Right Fabrics:

Picking the right fabric as per your personality and body type can add pizzas to your natural beauty and charm. While, net and georgette look great on any frame, you can experiment with brocade and organza for a jaw dropping volume if you are blessed with a slim silhouette. However, if you are slightly on a heavier side of the scale, silk, crepe and georgette are your best saviors for a sleek and smart look.


How to Look Your Fabulous Best On Your Wedding Day

To look drop dead gorgeous on her wedding night is the dream of every girl. So, if you are one those lucky girls with wedding bells ringing on her cart, it is time to wake up and realize the most cherished dream of your life with the following beauty tips and advice to look fabulous on the most important day of your life and steal all attention and appreciation:

Pick the Best wedding Dress:

Wedding attire plays the most important role in making a bride beautiful. So, when it comes to your wedding dress we want to leave no stone unturned to pick the best one after doing a thorough research and market survey.

Take full month to decide what kind of dress you want to wear, the color, design, fabric and work. Rather than following trends blindly, it always pays to go for something that is not just trendy but goes well with your silhouette and personality.

Tip: Lehenga is the most versatile of all kinds of wedding attires that looks great on almost any girl. Lehengas have always been in fashion and are going to stay for long. Go for velvets and silk if are getting wedded in winter, while light fabrics like crepe, georgette and chiffon would look best for summer wedding.


The next big thing in bridal beauty is the bridal make-up and mehendi. On a day, when all eyes would be focused on your face, you are bound to look your radiant best. Bridal make up should therefore be no less than perfect. A slight hit or miss can mar the complete look.

Make sure you book your make-up artist a month before the wedding and have a close meeting with him/her regarding the look that you will be carrying on the momentous day. Also book your mehendi artist in advance for your bridal mehendi.
Match the tone and colors of your make-up with the color of your


wedding dress to look glorious and gorgeous. If you have oily skin, go for powder and water based products and if you have normal to dry skin, you can go in for cream based products for a dewy and radiant finish.

Tip: Rather than loading on foundations or creams, go for a natural look by highlighting your best features. Do not forget to keep a hand mirror, compact, and lip tint for the touch ups, if need be.

Hair Style:

Your choice of hair style should be such that it not only look good in itself but also enhance and highlight your overall look and appearance. For this, you hair-do must match your outfit, make-up and face structure. Discuss all these things with your stylist before you finalize something. If time allows, it is always a good idea to rehearse and wear the look before-hand.

Tip: Never try to experiment or try something new just at the final moment. While, experimenting and change is good, just hours before your wedding is certainly not a time to take risks!


How can a girl ever look gorgeous and good without her best pals, her jewellery items! And when it comes to bridal jewellery, it has to


be the most dazzling and luxurious of all jewels. By luxurious, we do not mean it should be expensive, for jewellery to be glittering, it has to go well with your style, outfit and complexion.

Jewellery should be such to compliment and highlight your overall look and beauty rather than catching all attention and glares to itself alone!

Tip: Go for heavy and extravagant jewellery only if your outfit is light to make up the look, otherwise, it is always a good idea to go for sleek diamond or gemstone jewellery for a sophisticated and elegant look.


Top Styling Tips on Indian Wedding Fashion and Bridal Wear

2012/10/04 11:00 | Anshulika | Uncategorized

So your marriage has been fixed and you are eagerly waiting for the most dreamed about day in your life, your wedding day! Obviously, on such a momentous occasion you want to leave no stone unturned to make it utmost cherished and remembered occasion for all the people attached with your wedding ceremony and wedding day.

I am sure by now you must have already exhausted all your sources and efforts researching for the latest wedding wear and styling tips to look your attractive best. Now since you have landed up just at right site, feel free as all your queries regarding the entire wedding ceremony, from planning to fashion are answered here.

While, you can browse through the range of previous posts for wedding planning related queries, following are some styling secrets and tips to make you stand out from the crowd on the most important day of your life:

Go for that Royal Gown:

Yes, Kate Middleton’s style bridal gowns are the latest in thing in bridal fashion not just in other parts of the world but in traditional India as well. However, if you are looking for some traditional stuff, yet do not want to compromise on style and statement, go in for the latest gown style or fish tail bridal lehengas.

Look Beyond Maroon and Red:

Maroons and red are a thing of the past. The modern Indian bride is playful in her choice of colors. So look beyond the traditional colors of maroon and red and experiment with pastels and other colors for a versatile and jaw dropping look. The latest in colors in bridal wear are


green, golden, plum, wine, lilac and baby pink.

Get Over the Shiny and Jazzy Look to Pick Sophisticated Fabrics:
The modern Indian bride exudes sophistication and class. So rather than glittering and shiny fabrics go for sophisticated fabrics like pure georgette, chiffon and satin. However, sophistication does not mean drab, of course you can play with brocade or satin to add some dazzling appeal.

Drape the Designer Stuff:

The best thing about the modern Indian bride is that she knows what she wants. The brides today are already well aware of the trends and fashion in wedding collection and they want the same couture they see on the ramps for themselves. The best way to look your stylish best is by embracing the latest designer wear. There are today some really great online stores that can customize the latest bridal designer collection by the big brands just as per your personal style, personality and taste.

For more information on designer Indian wedding wear and latest wedding fashion trends, you can refer to the site:


Wedding Exhibitions & Fairs in India, 2012

2012/09/22 12:52 | Anshulika | Pre Wedding,Themes Of The Wedding

Fair is a commercial exhibition designed to bring together buyers and sellers. It acts like a shopping mall; a one-stop-shop where you can choose from the widest range of varieties. Exhibitions & Fairs enables you to do all of your marketing compressed into a short time-frame and single venue.

Major studies proved that trade fairs are more effective than any other promotional tools in achieving the modern market goals. They act like a meet-up where you can make contact with the potential customers and sell them on a face-to-face basis –linking personal selling to direct marketing. Trade fairs even allow participants to sell the products, advertise the products and to generate positive publicity for both the company and its offerings. Thus, we help you generate a high return on your investment as the amount of time and money you invest, are multiplied.

Here is a list of Wedding exhibitions and fairs that will be held around India in 2012. Choose your favorite location and visit these fairs to showcase your catalog, increase your customer reach or to buy wedding related items.

  1. Lagan Mandap Wedding & Lifestyle Exhibition at SMS Convention Centre, Jaipur, Rajasthan,India on September 21 – 23, 2012
  2. India Bridal Week at Hotel Sahara Star Opp Domestic Airport Mumbai – 400 099 India on September 26 – 30, 2012
  3. Igmatex Jaipur at Sitapur Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan,India on October 19 – 21, 2012
  4. Bridal Asia in Delhi at Hotel Ashoka, Delhi on October 20 – 22, 2012
  5. Aiena Exhibition at Hotel Rambagh, Jaipur, Rajasthan,India on October 20 – 21, 2012
  6. CII, Ludhiana Fair at Govt. College for Women, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana , India on October 19 – 21, 2012
  7. VASTRA at Export Promotion Industrial Park, Jaipur Rajasthan on November 22 – 25, 2012
  8. Wedding Asia-Chandigarh at Hotel Taj, Chandigarh on December 14 – 16, 2012
  9. CHANDIGARH FASHION FAIR at Hotel Taj, Chandigarh on January 4 – 6, 2013
  10. Hyper Expo at Mahatama Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. on January 8 – 13, 2013


Top Secrets for Beautiful Hair and Gorgeous Hair-Dos for Brides Revealed

2012/08/24 09:25 | Anshulika | Uncategorized

It is highly ironical, while we take a lot of care of our skin, spend hours shopping for the perfect wedding dress, cosmetics, deciding menu, and doing all the necessary planning for the big day, we tend to forget one of the most important aspect of our personality, our crowning glory! So, girls if you your wedding on cards, it’s high time you start taking care of your hair just like your skin.

Long, lustrous and healthy hair should be an attribute of every beautiful bride. So, girls take time off your busy schedule and invest some time in your hair care, I am sure, it will pay off big on your wedding day, when everyone’s eyes would be on your beauty and dress. In fact, a good hair-do can enhance the beauty of a bride many times.

Even if you have relatively good hair, your hair can benefit a lot from a rigorous hair care routine followed religiously before your wedding. And who knows following the below mentioned bridal hair care regimen, you might end up having super gorgeous locks like Kareena Kapoor’s tresses or Shilpa Shetty’s thick mane.

Saloon Hair Care Tips

Select Your Hair Do: The first thing you must do is to select your hair do for the big day much ahead your wedding. This gives ample time for testing and avoiding any last minutes disasters. For this, you can look through various fashion magazines or speak to your hair dresser.

Avoid Drastic Hair Cuts: This is especially important, if you are going to get married soon. Despite change in fashions and trends, long hair are still associated with a beautiful bride. So aim for longer and healthier mane. Not going in for hair cuts for a while, will also prevent you from any accident.

Go for Frequent Trims: While you should avoid drastic hair-cuts, frequent trimming of the tips is a must. Get your locks trimmed every month to promote hair growth and get rid of any split ends.

Pre-wedding Hair-cut/ Color / Perming / Rebonding: However, if you are looking to have an image make-up over for your wedding, a pre-wedding hair-cut, color, perming or rebonding is a great way to change your looks and enhance your beauty. But make sure, you get this done from the same hair dresser who is going to do your hair do for the wedding. This ensures that your new style is in conformity with the hair style you have chosen for the wedding day.

Basic Hair Care Tips:

See a Dermatologist/Trichologist: If you are suffering from any kind of hair or scalp condition like hair loss, hair thinning, and dandruff, the first thing you must do before launching your basic hair hare regimen is to visit a trichologist to get your condition treated. He/she might prescribe you some hair vitamins to be taken orally and products that you apply on your scalp and hair to solve the problem. Follow the advice seriously.

Regular Cleansing: Pick a shampoo for your particular hair and scalp condition and cleanse your hair and scalp twice weekly. Cleansing more than twice or thrice a week can rob your scalp of natural oils. So make sure, you do not over do.

Condition: We normally tend to skip this step in a hurry. And since you are all the more busy with wedding planning affairs, it is very to skip this step. If you want soft, shiny hair, you must condition your hair after shampooing to put the moisture back in your locks.

Hot Oil Treatment: This step is highly important for super soft and lustrous hair. Massage your scalp twice a week with essential oils. Use essential oils like lavender, rosemary and cedar wood with basic oils like coconut, olive and almond oil to get to increase blood circulation and nourish your scalp and hair with vital oils.

Spa Treatment and Deep Conditioning: If your hair are particularly dry or damaged, you can go in for a weekly deep conditioning or spa treatment at the parlor or at home to have soft and shiny hair.

Diet: Last but not the least, diet plays an extremely important role in the health of our hair and skin. As hair is mostly made up of protein, make sure you eat plenty of protein rich foods like cheese, tofu, lentils, milk, yoghurt, chicken, fish etc. Also increase the intake of essential vitamins A, C, E and B complex along with minerals for healthy and shiny hair.

As wedding is the most important day of your life, make sure you do everything to make it most memorable and cherished occasion for one and all.


How to Have Bollywood Style Wedding

2012/08/09 07:02 | Anshulika | Uncategorized

There is something magnificent and magical about Bollywood weddings, both on screen and off screen. Bollywood weddings with their exotic pandals, designer wedding wear, VIP guest list, international cuisines, mesmerizing themes, etc. are no less than a fairy tale.

So, be it the world famous Abhi-Ash wedding or the big fat Punjabi wedding of Karisma Kapoor or the typical Indian wedding with a trail of different ceremonies and rituals displayed in movies like ‘Hum Apke Hain Kaun’, ‘Hum Sath Sath Hain’, ‘Vivah’ and ‘Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, bollywood weddings have always remained at the forefront for being the most romantic and lavish wedding ceremonies around the world.

As wedding is a once in a life time occasion, we all have different dreams about our own wedding ceremony and most of these dreams are inspired from Bollywood. While, we are no celebrities, wedding gives us an opportunity to look and feel like the famous Bollywood stars on the most important day of our life.

So, if you have a wedding on cards, it is the only time in life when you can with a little bit of careful planning and creative thinking, turn this into the most memorable and most cherished occasion not just for yourself but for all those attached with your wedding ceremony. Following are some tips to help you have a Bollywood style wedding and make the event remembered and cherished by everyone:

Follow the popular Bollywood Trend: Bollywood is the perfect example of amalgamation of different cultures, religions and cultures. So whether, you are Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Gujrati, Punjabi, Bengali or a South Indian, forget the boundaries and follow the pursuit of typical Bollywood wedding with an intermix of different rituals and customs.

Host a Mehendi Night Ceremony: Mehendi night forms one of the most important pre wedding ceremony in Bollywood weddings. It gives an opportunity for the bride and the groom to participate and enjoy in the wedding ceremony just like their peers and relatives. For this ceremony, you can even get the services of some good professional mehendi artist and embellish your palms just like any other Bollywood bride.

One good bridal mehndi artist is Reshma Patel. Check out this you tube videos for designs and techniques:

Engagement Ceremony: Sagai is an important part of Bollywood wedding ceremony. To make this occasion perfect, you can arrange and set the theme in typical Bollywood style ‘Aaj hai Sagai’ theme’, with designer wedding clothes especially meant for Sagai ceremony for the bride and the groom.

To save your time and effort, you can check out the following link for the typical designer ethnic wear for sangeet and sagai ceremony for the bride and the groom. The designer clothing will make reel life come out live among the guests.

The Big Grand Wedding Ceremony: To have a typical Bollywood style wedding, set a unique theme for your wedding ceremony. In case, you do not want to spend much or do not have that much time and effort to arrange for a unique theme for your wedding, make it completely traditional and typical like you see in Bollywood movies with traditional bridal lengha, typical wedding sherwani for the groom, heavy jewellery, traditionally decorated pandal, garlands, flowers, priest, mantras etc.

For perfect wedding dresses for the bride and the groom, you can check out the following saree and lengha shop:

The Gala Wedding Feast: While, you can have all the popular international delicacies for your wedding menu, in case you do not want to spend so much money in food alone, or you want to make your wedding feast more creative and memorable, you can include special cuisines liked and relished by certain stars or you can name different dishes after the names of famous bollywood stars.

Make it Flawless with a Bollywood Performance: If your budget allows, the best way to complete your Bollywood style wedding ceremony is by hosting a Bollywood performance by some popular bollywood star. However, you can set the same atmosphere by hiring the services of some good DJ or band for creative music and entertainment for the guests in perfect Bollywood style.

Happy Wedding!


How to get Rid of Acne and Blemishes Just before Your Wedding

2012/07/13 06:31 | Anshulika | Uncategorized

You might have been with born with great skin. All through the years if your life you must have received compliments for beautiful skin and clear complexion. However, just at the time you need it most, your complexion has ditched you with a nasty pimple looking back at you in the mirror along with a gang of ugly white heads and black heads. The face that shined with health a few months back has now turned into an oil factory.

Had it been some other time of your life, you would not have bothered much. At the time when there are only ten days to go before your wedding day, an oily skin with pimples and blackheads can be a trauma for any girl. Ugly black heads and nasty bumps casting a shadow in your most cherished photos can be a really terrifying thought. So if you are one of those unlucky girls, who experience adult acne just before your wedding, the write up is for you.

So when all the preparations are done for the big day, right from the flowers, food, music to dress and hair, the burst of adult acne just ten days before wedding day can ruin all the efforts and dreams. At a time when you are already running out of time, you have no patience jumping from over the counter treatment to another. What you need is a sure shot program that can effectively clear your acne without any cons. Following are some of the steps and secrets that can help you get rid of any kind of acne or blemishes in no time:

Consult a dermatologist as soon as possible:

Other than prescribing some effective acne treatment ointments, your dermatologist can also prescribe some clinical procedure like chemical peel, microderm abrasion etc. depending on your budget and condition to not only help you get rid of acne almost instantly but also reveal a glowing skin that you never had before.

Don’t hesitate in splurging for a spa treatment:

What you need at this hour is a well trained esthetician who can give your skin a deep clean up especially meant for acne prone skin and extract the stubborn blackheads with precision and care. So don’t hesitate to splurge for this lavish and invigorating treatment.
Oral supplements and medications:

While a daily multivitamin supplement or a good anti oxidant supplement can boost the glow and vitality of your skin’s health, depending on the severity of your acne burst, your dermatologist may also prescribe some oral anti biotic or steroid medication to help clear your acne.

Healthy diet and exercise:
A diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables along with a good work-out routine is the best to deal with any skin or health condition. It is time tested and has lots of additional benefits.

Home remedies:

Despite investing in clinical treatments, procedures and products to get rid of your pimples and blackheads, don’t forget the role of home remedies in improving and texture and tone of your skin. Like healthy diet and exercise, these home-made face packs too are completely cost effective and free from any cons. A pack made from fuller’s earth, rose water and a pinch of turmeric still is the timeless home remedy for clear and beautiful skin. Use it daily for ten days and see your acne vanishing away in no time.

When all is said and done, the most important advice is still left behind. Despite putting all your efforts in clearing your skin condition and investing big money for expensive skin treatments, if fail to manage stress at this point of time, all your efforts would be in vain. Try yoga, meditation, reading, running, or any other activity that helps you feel more relaxed and grounded.

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